Master of Finance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Arts, Bates College

30. 5. 2018

Anyone, who has ever lived abroad for a longer period of time, has always brought back home something new, a new perspective on life, new findings, or new strength. In their old environment, they then find themselves feeling a bit like strangers. When I came back as a seventeen-year old from a student exchange program in the US, I felt a bit that way in the Czech education system. All of a sudden, I didn’t quite fit into the right category, I lacked this or that. But I discovered ISO, a school that had been founded by individuals who understood my goals and who shared a similar perspective on life. They helped me retain my enthusiasm and my desire to do things differently. Looking back, I hold great memories of the times at ISO. I met many inspiring individuals there and I had the opportunity to visit places like France, Romania or assist the Paralympic Committee during the Ice Sledge Hockey Championships in Ostrava.

After graduation, I set out for the United States and had a blast in college and grad school. I lived the beauties of New England, spent an unbelievable semester in Paris and most of all met the woman of my life. Today, I live in Cambridge in Massachusetts and I am very grateful to anyone who has ever extended a helping hand to me. The biggest thanks surely belongs to my family who have supported me so much. I advise ISO students not to follow the crowd but rather pave their own path. That’s the only way they can get to know themselves and the only way they can generate new ideas and bring them to life, an obligation that every new generation has towards the previous and subsequent generations.

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