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School Counselling Center

Students, Parents and Teachers are welcome – we are here for you!

Our school offers students, parents and educators the services of the School Counseling Center.

Within the school, an educational and career counselor, prevention methodologist, school psychologist and a teacher’s assistant are available to provide you with a free comprehensive counseling service, to varying degrees and according to their competencies.

Counseling services are provided in accordance with Decree No. 72/2005 Coll. on the provision of counseling services in schools and school facilities, as amended.

Career Counselor

Mgr. Jana Kotasová

Consultations: anytime by appointment

The educational counselor deals with the issue of educating pupils with special educational needs and exceptionally gifted pupils, participates in the development of an individual education plan. The standard activities of an educational counselor include educational counseling and career counseling. The educational counselor keeps records of these activities.

In the field of career counseling, she can help you choose universities not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, along with completing and coordinating university applications. As part of the consultations, she helps to guide students through their choices; and by appointment she provides in-person consultations to students and their legal representatives.


  • Participates in providing examinations in PPC, SEC and helps teachers provide information for psychological and special pedagogical examinations.
  • Deals with the management and provision of needs for integrated pupils, the preparation of conditions for integration of pupils with special educational needs at school.
  • In cooperation with the school prevention methodologist, she organizes educational and preventive events for pupils (discussions, excursions, lectures, etc.)
  • Together with the school prevention methodologist, she monitors potentially problematic pupils. In case of serious problems or on a class teacher’s recommendation, she gives the school principal a proposal to convene an education committee. She takes minutes of her proceedings.

Prevention Methodologist

Mgr. Šárka Humeníková

Consultations: anytime by appointment

The school prevention methodologist is concerned with methodological, coordination, informational and counseling activities. She keeps records of these activities.

Standard activities include:

  • Creates and controls implementation of the school’s prevention program.
  • Coordinates and participates in implementation of the school activities aimed at preventing truancy, addiction, violence, vandalism, sexual abuse, sectarian abuse, pre-criminal and criminal behavior, risk manifestations of self-harm and other socially pathological phenomena.
  • Methodically leads the activities of pedagogical staff of the school in the field of prevention of socially pathological phenomena (searching for problematic behaviors, preventive work with class groups, etc.).
  • Coordinates preparation and implementation of activities aimed at involving multicultural elements in educational process and integration of pupils/foreigners, the priority in this process is prevention of racism, xenophobia and other phenomena related to the issue of accepting cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • Coordinates the cooperation of the school with state administration and self-government bodies, which are responsible for prevention of socially pathological phenomena, with the methodology of preventive activities in counseling and professional workplaces (counseling, therapy, prevention, crisis and other facilities and institutions) operating in the field of prevention of socially pathological phenomena.
  • Maintains and continuously updates the database of school collaborators in the field of prevention of socially pathological phenomena (state administration and self-government bodies, educational care centers, counseling centers, medical facilities, Czech police, social care authorities, non-governmental organizations operating in the field of prevention, crisis intervention centers and other facilities, institutions and individual experts).

School Psychologist and Educational Counselor

Mgr. Marek Nytra

Consultations: anytime by appointment, present on Mondays and Wednesdays

The school psychologist is available to help students, teachers, school management and their legal representatives at school. The school psychologist adheres to the code of ethics of the school psychologist, a binding standard that determines procedures towards clients, parents and teachers and sets out the framework and limits of his activities as well as the rights of clients and the possibilities of the psychologist as an expert.

The school psychologist can provide:

  • Crisis intervention or consultation with pupils, teachers and parents.
  • Individual care and attention given to the pupil according to her/his needs (relationship difficulties, school failure, difficulties with adaptation, etc.).
  • Therapeutic care; can support and strengthen motivation for change.
  • Information and consultations related to the choice of professional career.
  • Individual consultations for teachers.

Work may also include:

  • Consulting, advisory and intervention work on request, concerning work with individuals, class groups, but also with teachers and legal representatives.
  • Methodical work and educational activities, including the coordination of counseling services in and out of school, discussions and information activities.
  • Diagnostics in teaching and educational problems, gifted children, finding out the social climate in the classroom, surveys, questionnaires at school.
  • Cooperation with the pupils‘ parents leading to mutual cooperation between them and the school, to facilitating contact, to proposing interview procedures. He can also work with the whole family system.
  • Work with class groups and individuals.

Teaching Assistant

Andrea Kavanová

Consultations: anytime by appointment

The teaching assistant is available to provide assistance to pupils most often on PPC’s recommendations, or after evaluating the needs of the pupil by the school. She participates in education of pupils with special educational needs, using an individualized approach in order to meet their specific needs.

She acts and proceeds according to the instructions of the responsible teacher and the school counseling center.


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