Community education


A community School is a school open to its surroundings. It is a school which allows the free flow of skills, knowledge and resources between the various players in the community, whether it’s self-government, parents or entrepreneurs. Such relations can be very beneficial if they know each other, they meet regularly and know what they need from each other. In this sense, our school is such an imaginary center where all these groups can discuss ways of improvement of the environment in which they live. The school thus also fulfils a primordial role as a center of education and as a meeting point.

Community Education

A community school encourages its student to participate in community life – using the knowledge of learning in real life, enabling them to form civic attitudes, whilst developing their knowledge, skills, self esteem and confidence. Students, for whom the subject matter is too difficult, get the opportunity to shine in the role of volunteers. Functioning in relationships with adults other than their parents and teachers is essential for the development of children, because in a community school relationships become less formal. Quality community schools encourage volunteer work – children, parents and other community members.

A community school should be a facility that offers the widest range of services possible to the local community; the composition of these services should correspond with the actual needs of community members.

Ukliďme Česko – Let´s Clean and Be Keen! 2019


On Saturday, 6th April, we joined the national campaign “Ukliďme Česko”. It is a volunteering event focused on cleaning litter and garbage in a chosen area. Our school leads our students, teachers and parents to join community projects, volunteering and to be active citizens. This year we decided to clean the area around Černá Louka […]

Ukliďme Česko/Let´s Clean the Czech Republic 2018


We lead the school community to do some volunteering, we show that we can do something for the environment, therefore we go to clean. This is our third year of joining the national volunteering campaign called „Ukliďme Česko/Let´s Clean the Czech Republic“, on Saturday 7th April. The location – forest and park of the Sport […]

We have got Berdík! What is it? And why?


Because we connect a theory with an experience. Because we want our students and teachers to try, do and maintain (Mr Yoda would disagree…:-). Because we want biology and community involvement to be interesting and inspirational. We grow herbs and other plants in this unique compost and we maintain the whole thing and process it […]



During spring we began to plan and realize another community based project as a part of our community education. The school club Active Citizens launched its´ community compost project called KOMKOM. The aim is to cooperate with local restaurants and cafés and collect their bio-waste on one particular day in the week, in particular we […]

Book Box


BOOK BOX je komunitní projekt 1st International School of Ostrava, který vznikl v rámci projektu Schools as generators of democrative society a je financován Visegradským fondem a Ministerstvem zahraničí Korejské republiky. Cílem tohoto projektu je podpora čtenářství rozmístěním veřejných miniknihovniček v centru Ostravy. Věříme, že „Čtenář prožije tisíc životů, než zemře. Člověk, jenž nikdy nečte, […]

Walkthrough Gallery


Within the Active Citizens project, in collaboration with the British Council, Člověk v tísni, o.s., and the European Union, the 1st International School of Ostrava is organizing the project Walkthrough Gallery   The city center of Ostrava is a place with many grey, dull venues, which, on the other side, are full of potential to […]