9. 10. 2018

I am a person who does not like changes and does not get used to them easily, but once that change is over I am very grateful for the new experience. That’s exactly what happened when I was making a decision in the fifth grade whether I should study at ISO for the next eight years. I said yes, and now I am very happy with that.

Acclimatization was very fast because they were very welcoming at ISO. It’s a place where no one judges you for who you are. For a while, I was struggling to learn all the subjects in English, but it did not take long and I became more self-confident. My determination to try harder grew even more, I owe it to the great teachers who motivate you and give you not only the information, but some life advice as well. At ISO, you will also find enormous diversity, whether it’s about students or the teachers mentioned above. One is afraid of an unknown and I am glad to have learnt about different cultures, habits and worldviews at such an early age.

After my graduation I decided not to go further to university, despite the fact that ISO can perfectly prepare you for university studies. Instead, I chose to pursue my full-time career. I believe everything is as it should be and I do not know where my life will go further, but I am positive that I will always carry on my experience gained at ISO. I would like to thank all teachers who have taught me over the past 8 years. You were wonderful and you gave me a lot. I would like to have a beer with you whenever you are free …or even two beers.


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