28. 3. 2021

When I first entered the school library, it was on the school’s Open Door Day, and I immediately knew – that’s the school for me. Colourful, cheerful, friendly. Today I’m sure my first impression was right. The school is a place where I discovered lots of interesting people with a sense of humour. I found people that are inspiration for each other, that are interested in the world around, that are creative. I’m part of society in which no one is shy to express his opinion. Everybody can be who he is. Our teachers listen to us, they give advice, help us, we can have some fun with them, and that’s not usual. I can not imagine a single day in a classic Czech school, from which, by the way, I came from. I couldn’t cope with the orders like: “Listen and sit.” And also, not every student can say: “I hiked the Lysá mountain with my teacher, I skied down a hill in Austria with my teacher, or I attended a street art exhibition in Berlin with my teacher. But I can, and I’m glad of that. In this school I’ve got every day open chances. It’s a place where I feel great, and I’m thankful for that.


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Pavla Lomičová

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