Tom Rett

Social Science and PE teacher

15. 5. 2020

In sports as well as in my entire life, I love challenges. The aims of these challenges are not hidden in winning and quickly done work but in choosing the right path, not always easy to take, leading to  the finish. After the years of various job experiences, I settled down in the school, and almost the whole 21st century I’ve been showing the paths to students, and  hopefully the inspiration as well. My approach is influenced by the Schopenhauer philosophy: „We should look at every foolishness, failure and indulgence and keep in mind that we have our own failures, foolishness and indulgence ahead.”

Nitzan Hollander

I’m from Haifa, Israel. I’ve lived in the Czech Republic for more than 10 years. I like teaching for 1st International School of Ostrava since...

Petra Helebrantová

At a school, I have been always looking for SOMETHING MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION. I believe in the experiential learning, the project based learning and the...

Nina Bernardová

Art has always been a passion of mine no matter its form. I followed my passion and graduated at the University of Ostrava with master degree in Visual Art...