Táňa Micková


29. 1. 2017

I come from Ostrava and more or less have been living here my whole life so far. I have travelled a lot and spend some time of my education abroad. I came to the 1st International School of Ostrava because it was and it is the coolest place in Ostrava to be. I love the friendly and international environment here, the open-mindedness and everyday opportunity to learn something new or meet somebody interesting. I believe in the 21st century education and in our school where we bring up citizens of the world.


My studies at ISO began in 2007. Since I completed elementary school in the Czech Republic and my English skills were limited, the first months at ISO were...


There’s so much stuff that you get access to once you’ve learned to speak English. There are throngs of TV shows, movies, books, music, and much more that...


Three years and seven months have past. My, Barbora’s, and our classmates’ studies are slowly coming to the end. Looking back at our experiences at I...