Pavla Lomičová

Teacher of Czech language and Biology

15. 9. 2022

Since I was little, I like to plan everything in advance. And that is why I’ve chosen my job. When I was studying at elementary school, I was fascinated with my teacher who devoted a lot of time to both her job and pupils. During my studies, I found myself thinking about different kinds of occupation. To be honest, I think I always knew that teaching is the way. Although I have been teaching for a year, I already know that I choose the right path. It might seem strange, but the Czech language and Biology teaching is exactly what I love. I don’t want my students to become neat-handwriting botanists. I wish them to grow up confident to fulfil their dreams even if they sometimes seem unreal. I would like them to remember their school life as a time of exploration, joy and fair company. I hope that in the future, I will inspire my students in the same way they inspire me. Because that is the most important.


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