Founder of Moonbow Box

30. 5. 2018

At the age of 15 I did not know what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to get in a few years. So I decided to go to study at ISO specially because of English as I thought it would be a good starting point if I wanted to do something in my life. Now, when I look back, school gave me much more than just a tongue. We have never had to memorize the stack of data that would be forgotten after the test. Teachers paid much more attention to developing our thinking, and so we made projects, wrote essays (which we found useful at university) and learned to present our ideas and ideas. Thanks to this active approach to learning, I gained more self-confidence and realized that nothing would change unless I was silent and sat in the corner.

After my graduation, I went to Prague. After graduating from Anglo-American College and great experience at Nestlé Nespresso, I decided to return to Opava. I set up my own Moonbow Box, which is my dream that finally became true. We specialize in the sale of gift boxes for precious moments of life such as weddings, births, birthdays or house warming parties. We carefully choose the products and brands we put into our boxes. Our goal is to teach people to love what they are giving. A gift that is be tailored for the particular moment and fits the personality of the person, that is what we do. We have an e-shop and we also cooperate with companies that look for more than just office supplies with their logo for their partners and clients. All this dream wanted a lot of discipline and sacrifice. I think it was worth it in the end. Moonbow is getting into subconscious of people and we receive more and more orders from day to day. I have to thank my parents and friends for the opportunity to realize my dream, who have always stood by me. Special thanks to ISO which made me a person who is not afraid to enter unknown water and learn how to swim in it.


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