Jana Kotasová

Teacher and academic counsellor

15. 11. 2017

I come from Ostrava and I like very much this city and its people. Teaching at 1st International School of Ostrava enables me to use my international experience, meet new people from other parts of the world and to build something new and different in my home town. I love sharing my Czech language, culture and historical experiences with our students and helping them find the right place at university anywhere in the world.teacher and academic counsellor


ISO is definitely very close to my heart. Just as I am proud of the town where I grew up, I am proud of the school, that out of the all education instituio...


When I first entered the school library, it was on the school’s Open Door Day, and I immediately knew – that’s the school for me. Colourful, cheerful...


I left ISO three years ago, which gave me enough time to think about what it gave me. There are the obvious things. I’ve made friends who, although current...