“Right hand to the CEOs” of a start-up IT company

30. 5. 2018

I remember coming to ISO for the first time. It was on 20 January 2005 on Open house day. Back then the school was basically a small building with two classes. I knew that choosing this school would be quite a risk, because I would only be in the 2nd generation of graduates. But after this visit it was decided. I was persuaded not only by always smiling Jan Petrus and Brett Gray that were leading the school together, but also by the 10th grade students that told me right away what I could expect from the studies at ISO. Well, I was not really happy about the fact staying at school until 4pm four times a week, but it seemed worth it.

ISO has given me so much, and I don’t mean only education and possibilities to participate in projects abroad. When I broke my leg and spent half a year in surgeries and rehabilitations, everybody helped me out and both my friends and teachers spent their afternoons to help me catch up with what I had missed. When I wanted to leave for the CCUSA project, I was allowed to write all the tests earlier so that my classification could have been closed and I could fly away. ISO has taught me not to be afraid to speak, to express my opinion and defend it. Every student of ISO that has decided to study at a Czech university must admit that this is so true. And last but not the least, ISO is not only a school, it is a kind of a big family that supports you to follow your dreams. And even though it is sometimes difficult to figure out what your dream actually is and what fulfils your life, ISO gives you plenty of opportunities to find it out. I have already found my dream job – and what is that job? Those, who know me and my interest in many fields and professions, the position of “right hand to the CEOs” of a start-up IT company allows me to combine my interests in finance & controlling, recruitment, employer branding, event management and many more.

Andrea Střelcová

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