30. 5. 2018

I’ve been attending the 1st International School of Ostrava for four years now, even though I have known about the school long before. I even wanted to begin my study at ISO since the 6th grade, but that didn’t end up happening, so I waited until high school. The thing I really liked straight from the beginning was the fact, that this school was full of people like me. As a half Australian I sometimes felt like an outsider in my elementary school as I never fully fit among my peers. I felt I had a much more interested in studying at a more international level that my former classmates. It was for that reason I wanted to go study at a high school that would prepare me for such studies. And I did.

I don’t always make great decisions but joining ISO was definitely not one of them. I didn’t think that I would ever be looking forward to school. Although it is difficult at times, that I can’t deny. The big amount of study and school preparation, the everyday commuting to school or the lack of sleep is very exhausting sometimes. However, when I look at myself and see how I’ve grown as a student and as a person, I think it is worth those five hours of sleep. I have met a lot of amazing people, both students and teachers. Every time I talk to my friends who go to Czech high schools and they tell me what kind of hell they sometimes experience either with an unkind teaching staff or the so-called craming of information, I thank my mom for constantly encouraging me in my studies at ISO.

I can’t believe that in a few months this stage of my life will be over. Thanks to this school I have made friends from different corners of the world and I love them very much. I will really miss them all. We had some really good times and I will remember only the good. I hope that after high school (no matter where we all end up going to university) we’ll find a way to meet up together.

Thank you ISO for these lovely four years 🙂


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