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30. 5. 2018

ISO is definitely very close to my heart. Just as I am proud of the town where I grew up, I am proud of the school, that out of the all education instituions which I have gone through, had clearly the greatest influence on me. The school, built by the team around Jan Petrus and Brett Gray, can put together very different people. The fact that I had the opportunity to study at such a school where everyone has a different background, showed me that a person must be capable to move among different people and in different environments, including those who you know and those who are or will always remain strangers as well. There is a lot to experience at the secondary school. Love, fights, failures, success, argues, a huge degree of attention and enthusiasm from the school janitor Mr. Knapek, great and strict teacher. In hindsight, I would not call most of the teachers by the word “teacher”, but rather as leaders who lead their student to once become leaders alike. Honestly and without pathos. It was a huge gift of a lifetime I got from my parents. Amazing experience from my classmates that I’ll never forget. ISO’s incredible ability to manage a person like me. Space provided by Petra Helebrantova in which I could move and grow up. And finally being directed and helped to set the right mindset for life by Jan Petrus. <3 Thank you all and I sincerely hope that one day I will be able to bring my children up as my parents did and as I was led by ISO. Thank you all. I deeply hope that one day my children will find the middle school as crucial as it was for me and that I will be able to lead them at least as I was led by my parents and subsequently by the people of this school.

Andrea Střelcová

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