30. 5. 2018

I chose ISO eight years ago, primarily because it was offering something, at that time, extraordinary for me . I very soon realized the importance of English language used all over the world and the idea of being educated in English was fascinating. This is my very last year, which makes me bit sad, as I spent a large majority of my life here. I have met many interesting people and been to a lot of beautiful places.

Ever since I joined first grade, I have come a long way; Thanks to the MUN club I had a chance to visit the building of the Polish Senate and experienced what it is like to solve the world’s problems. In the sixth grade I could enjoy the beautiful cities in Spain, particularly Barcelona, Madrid and Oviedo. I also participated in the The New York Times contest and was placed among the finalists.
Our school is doing its job perfectly, creating a friendly environment with professional attitude. I would definitely not trade it for anything else in the world. Our teachers have taught me a lot and I was very well prepared for what awaits me in the future.

And what else? I chose a college in Georgia focusing on Business Administration. Why Georgia? Because it’s the perfect way to broaden your horizons. Every fifth young person I know has studied in England, but Georgia is a completely different country, with different traditions, different people than in Western Europe and the knowledge of these cultures is very enriching. But who knows, maybe after studying in Georgia I will try further studies in England. But I know one thing for sure, the ISO will always have a special place in my heart.


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