Perla Špetíková

Maturita Coordinator, Physics, PE

15. 9. 2022

Whole my life I live in Ostrava, not for incredible scenery and weird air, however our family roots are very strong and give me important stability for my life and being. During my studies I was in Sweden where I met many international students. It was a amazing experience from personal and pedagogical point of view. When I found a similar type of school in Ostrava it was great opportunity to me. I appreciate the chance to work close to multiculture world, meet amazing people from different part of the world and educate efficiently. The work with our students is enormously inspired and dynamic. It does not stop developing yourself.

Nitzan Hollander

I’m from Haifa, Israel. I’ve lived in the Czech Republic for more than 10 years. I like teaching for 1st International School of Ostrava since...


Like every 9th grader I did not know what to expect from high school and I chose 1st International School of Ostrava mainly because of my sister, who used...


My studies at ISO began in 2007. Since I completed elementary school in the Czech Republic and my English skills were limited, the first months at ISO were...