Master in Economics, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, Portugal

30. 5. 2018

When I started studying at ISO, I was expecting to become very good at English. It was a big challenge for me to study the whole high school in a foreign language. Today I realize that the English proficiency was just a side product of all the things that ISO brought me. In fact, what I consider much more important was to be in an international environment, meeting foreign students, participating in international projects, and last but not least, the exchange program to France during my third year which led me to me the idea to study at a university in Nantes, a beautiful French city. Within my bachelor program in Nantes, I went for one semester for Erasmus exchange to Belgium where I met an amazing Brazilian guy with whom I now live in Portugal.

Although knowledge of languages is highly appreciated, for me even more important legacy of ISO is to be more tolerant and open to different opinions, cultures, and traditions. A lot of people think that life in “Western countries” is much better. I believe that we tend to judge by what we hear and what we perceive from the first glance with the “pink glasses”. Moreover, we often take for granted what we have and crave for an idea of something potentially better. After almost five years of live abroad, I have decided to come back to the Czech Republic, this time with my Brazilian husband-to-be.


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