Ivo Helebrant


14. 2. 2017

I have been working in the field of education for many years now. It has been a wonderful experience and  it still fulfils me with joy, excitement, new challenges and unforgettable experience. This is a paradox of my life – of course, I did not want to become a teacher at all.
Every year I learn more and more about the secrets and depths of a student´s soul and consequently I also learn more and I foster my own professional and personal development and self-discovery.

As an educational leader I believe in a modern international education for the 21st century. This is the key for the school to be a modern and successful educational institution, which educates global citizens. I am proud of our 1st International School of Ostrava graduates, who are personalities prepared for the life in present world. Step by step we build their skills, we develop their talents and we pass knowledge on them.

Especially, I support the feature of experiential learning in present education and student centered pedagogy as the key element in modern education. I still educate myself and therefore I highlight the idea of the long-life learning for human beings.
I am an enthusiastic and endlessly optimistic person. The sentence from Monty Python´s movie – Always look on the bright side of life – it is my life motto.


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