30. 5. 2018

Three years and seven months have past. My, Barbora’s, and our classmates’ studies are slowly coming to the end. Looking back at our experiences at ISO, me and Barbora are thankful we have decided to study in such environment and moreover, that were given this chance by our biggest fans – our parents. ISO offers to young people an opportunity to be surrounded by motivating, inspiring, international community. Here, we have been given space to become individuals capable of forming our own opinions, to be able to think critically and outside of the box. Teachers make us realize the importance of the knowledge, rather than making us feel frustrated over our incomprehension of the subject matter which happens more than often. We experience education by means of projects, trips, events, etc. ISO is the place where students grow like flowers (or whatever they want to grow like). And that is the way me and Barca were growing in these past years. Now, we would like to continue in our studies abroad, however, we are going different directions (which is very sad). I applied to universities in Scotland and is hoping to succeed, and Barbora is applying to Spain, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic as well. We are actually very lucky to choose from a wide range of options offered by today’s world. We can be anything we want to be. And thus, we would like to express our gratitude to those who have already found their own place in the world and are helping us, young people, to find ours.


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