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30. 5. 2018

For me, ISO is one great man’s dream that came true. Mr Petrus started an amazing project that has grown into a blooming educational institution for young souls that want more than a solely standardized institutional system. ISO breaks the rules, it sets different standards and it makes you realize that your only limit is in your mind. You can fight against all the possible odds and you can still achieve your goals. And each student graduating the school will carry his legacy.

For me, ISO is a message to dream big and go for your goal, because, if one man had not chased his goal, we would not be writing these lines today. Yes, indeed ISO is everything that was already said about it – very international, enriching in experiences, broadening the horizon etc…

Me personally I see ISO as a gift, for I was more than enough fortunate with my class. We had hell of a ride. I even dare to say the school shall remember us as legendary. We made memories for life and stories that bring tears to our eyes from all the laughing. There always be only one Polman, Nicole, Vlada or Kristián. And this life experience is the most precious gift from ISO. Just have fun, enjoy your years at the high school, (short 4 crazy years compared to decades of some serious jobs) and remember Memento mori.

Ironically, I have never got out of this international loop in both my personal as well as professional life. I guess, once ISO-ed, forever ISO-ed.


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