Malmö University, Sweden

30. 5. 2018

Four years ago I came up with an idea – I will study abroad when I graduate my high school. I wanted to explore the beauty of the world behind the borders of the Czech Republic. Now I study the first year of European Studies in Malmö, Sweden. Travelling and experiencing new countries have always enriched me and it it has given me the sense of freedom. Therefore, I became a tennis referee during my high school studies. And thus I could fulfill my dreams and I enjoyed travelling round Europe. And I also fully realise now, how important role in my personal development played my school – 1st International School of Ostrava. I remember the words of Jan Petrus, the co-founder of the school, who welcomed us into prima class and said: “I am looking forward to the moment when you will grow up and you will tour and study all aroud the world.” I think he would be very happy and proud of me and my classmates now.

Simona Fridrišková

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I’ve been attending the 1st International School of Ostrava for four years now, even though I have known about the school long before. I even wanted to beg...

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