„We’re the same
but different“

Money talks - maybe I’m too young
to understand it, but you don’t know
who I was in my past lives!

School Mission

Our mission is to create an engaging inquiry-based learning environment in which students can excel, develop vital life skills, fulfil their potential and ultimately maximize their success in today‘s world to become dynamic, competent, compassionate, and caring members of a global society.

Ivo HELEBRANT, Head of School

Three pillars

  • Education for the 21st Century

    Pupils are encouraged to act independently, employing skills such as critical thinking and communication, whilst having respect and tolerance for different ideas and individuals. We aim to pursue community involvement, experiential learning, collaboration and creativity.

  • Individual work with students

    Small groups of students in classes allow for an individual approach combined with modern teaching methods. Students are thus encouraged to build the intrinsic motivation necessary for lifelong learning.

  • The international environment

    Our curriculum offers inspiration and guidance in both contemporary cosmopolitan and global world environments and helps our students to develop opinions and a sense of personal responsibility for present and future world events.

Experiential learning

In our school we fully implement modern pedagogy and thus train educated individuals who acquire the key competencies to find employment and success in today‘s world. We emphasize student activity in everyday situations and build learning primarily on their own experience and their subsequent use in personal growth.

Project learning

A teaching method based on linking theory and practice of targeted activities in a particular project in order to develop students’ key competencies.

Citizenship, entrepreneurship and personal responsibility

Our students are proactive citizens who develop their personal and professional potential and approaches to their duties with responsibility and creativity.

Service learning and community education

Our students are active co-creators of life and society, through formal and informal education and engagement in solving problems around the school.

IB mission

IB mission

In the school year 2020/2021, our school went through a demanding accreditation process and in April 2021 it obtained the authorization of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

These are schools that share a common philosophy: a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that 1st International School of Ostrava believes is important for our students.

The aim of the International Baccalaureate is to develop inquiring, insightful and empathetic young people who help to create a better, peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. IBO works with schools, governments and international organizations, and creates a challenging programme of
international standards and rigorous evaluation.

The programme encourages students around the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand one another, despite their differences.


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