DofE goes on!

9.11. 2020

Good morning everybody,

we are sending DofE greetings to all of you no matter if you are or if you are not a DofE participant. 
Everybody (age 14+) can join this wonderful programme, even now when you are at home. 
We have welcomed some new participants recently, this is great, thank you for joining us.
Well, here is some basic refreshing info both for current and potential participants.
1. Continue in your activities and record them in the ORB system (OnlineRecordBook)
2. Be in touch with your Award Leaders for feedback about your progress
3. Expeditions - it seems no team is going anywhere now, no plans prepared from anybody.  Moreover, the Covid situation is not comfortable for us now.
It means that we will organize expeditions and training in spring. Unless you wanna go for a winter trek. 
4. Anybody willing to join the programme - you must register here -
A/ register, choose our school as an Award Unit and your Award Leader (anybody  - Helebrant, Helebrantová, Micková, Michalík, Blahetová, Kuluri)
B/ fill in the required data - personal, activites
C/ make an online payment of the fee
D/ we will approve afterwards and you can begin your DofE Journey
E/ We do not need the paper Application Form, just do everything online
You can see the attachment with many opportunities and there are also some tips for the activities now during the distance learning and being at home.
Thank you very much. Heads up! 
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