Tomas Bata University in Zlín
30.5. 2018

Being a part of ISO was a huge and positive experience for me. I think that it is necessary to take ISO as a different school compared to all the other schools in Ostrava. It has been almost nine years since I was hesitating whether to decide for ISO or another gymnasium in the region. I was really fascinated by the fact that all subjects are taught in English, but on the other hand, I was scared to death because I spoke almost no English the first month of school. As time went by, we, as students grew up as well as the school has been changing over the time. I remember moving to four different buildings over the time  As I said, a lot of stuff has changed over the time, but one thing has remained and it is the great mission of the school which was following us till the very end -- graduation. 

I believe that no matter which stream you choose, whether IB or Czech maturita exam, the school will prepare you really well for your university life.

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