30.5. 2018

In the previous Humans of ISO posts, students talked about multicultural environment, quality of education and new great possibilities for our future. With my story, I am going to add another, so far not mentioned value, that the school gave me and this is acceptance.

Throughout my whole life, I have always been denounced. Even though I have never really talked about it, my years at the primary school were the toughest ones. ISO has changed that all. In the environment where being different is normal, I’ve finally felt like I belong somewhere. My defect that was weighing me down and which I was trying to hide from the world suddenly wasn’t a handicap and I was finally able to accept myself. The most important thing that ISO gave me is the feeling of safety which I hadn't known before; the most important thing that ISO showed me is that our differences are the the most valuable things we have, be it our gender, color of our skin, or sexual orientation. Thanks to that not only did I find many great friends for life, but also I found myself.

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