15.11. 2017

I have been attending the 1st International School of Ostrava since 2009. My sister Lucie also used to study here, which is one of the reasons why she got so far in life – she went to universities in the UK, the USA and Spain and is currently working in Spain. My parents enrolled me in this school because they wanted me to do as well in life as my sister. My English has been developing gradually. The fact I like is that there is no rush – you can take things slow. I also appreciate the teachers' positive attitude towards the students. ISO is a fun school with plenty of events and projects which are not accessible to most secondary students. I, for example, took part in the LTWCTY project last year and would like to do it again this year.

I enjoy meeting new people and schools, which is the reason I always look forward to various tournaments and competitions. I am also very keen on travelling, exploring new cultures, cities and countries. English and Spanish are international languages spoken in many world countries. Their knowledge will definitely help me in my future studies. I have not made my mind yet as to which university I would like to attend in the future but I know one thing for sure – it is not going to be a Czech one. Anyway, there is still plenty of time to think about these things...

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