Alumni 2015
30.5. 2018

1st International School of Ostrava was an important part of my life. This school literally taught me how to live my life, especially due to the IB DP program through which I learned how to grow in an international society and to be helpful towards other cultures. From the beginning I felt that it'll change my life, and that kinda happened. I believe that without this program, I won't be as prepared for UNI as I was, it also got me prepared for a life outside my home. Presently, I study in Shanghai. I really love my life now in Shanghai and  I'm happy with the way my life is going. I am greatful for having schoolmates from Denmark, Uruguay, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Japan, USA, Congo, South Africa because I still enlarge my perspectives and opinions. 

Apart from my university studies I also tutor students with their English who do the IB DP and MYP. I am like seeing them learning fast. The inovative teaching and learning of my teachers at the 1st International School of Ostrava is my inspiration for my lessons.

Last but not least, I'd love to thank all of my teachers for the support.To Mr. Gray for his willingness to take me under his wings and help me with my life and everything, to Ms. Janis for her help with English and her inspiration for my part-time, to Mr. Healy and Mr. Corkill for English and IB DP support, to Mr. Abadia for his help with Spanish, which I'm trying to get better, but especially because of his willingness to help as I believe that I passed IB Spanish because of his help, to Mrs. Helebrantova for her help throughout IB DP and with Czech language (it still sucks, sorry), Ms. Dobešová for her beautiful smile that has always made my life better…:)

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