Student, MA in International Business, TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences
30.5. 2018

I didn’t think much about coming to Canada, I just did it to try something new. But after a few weeks in Banff I realized I was living my dream. Living in the mountains, climbing, hiking, skiing, waking up to the amazing view of the Rockies, nights with thousands of stars, road trips, this yearning for adventure, sometimes satisfied but usually getting even stronger the more adventures I did... It was hard to come back and start studying in a big European city.  But after a few weeks in Germany I realized it’s also great!  Lately I’ve been feeling great just about everywhere, and life keeps getting better every year. I started learning this at ISO – appreciating myself and the people around me. And thanks to that, feeling in the right place wherever I am. No matter the country, the nationality, or the language. Without ISO, the teachers’ support and enthusiasm for every new project, and the mentality of the school, I would have realized this much later in life. Thank you.

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