During spring we began to plan and realize another community based project as a part of our community education.

The school club Active Citizens launched its´ community compost project called KOMKOM. The aim is to cooperate with local restaurants and cafés and collect their bio-waste on one particular day in the week, in particular we collect the rest of fruit and vegetable and coffee grounds.

Step by step students mapped the needs of the commnunity, its´ interest in this kind of project, they designed a briefing paper and the campaign and eventually we added the first amount of bio-waste to the compost yesterday. We will support the local community garden in the city center with the high quality humus afterwards.

Thank you goes to all participating cafés and bistros and their willingness to support such a project. Namely - Restaurace Pod věží, U Černého stromu, La Petite Conversation, Čauky Mňauky, Takže tak, Pet Punk, Ostravanka, Café 10 and U Skákavého poníka.

Thank you and let´s recycle!

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