Ukliďme Česko/Let´s Clean the Czech Republic 2018

We lead the school community to do some volunteering, we show that we can do something for the environment, therefore we go to clean. This is our third year of joining the national volunteering campaign called "Ukliďme Česko/Let´s Clean the Czech Republic", on Saturday 7th April. The location - forest and park of the Sport Centre Sareza in Ostrava-Vítkovice. Students, teachers, friends a a dog for a little while - we worked hard for three hours, we gathered at least one ton of various garbage including a half of a living room, clothes and a luggage, eventually.

Thank you very much to all participants who joined other 100 000 volunteers in the country. You can follow all campaign news on

A special thanks goes to the city disctrict Ostrava-Vítkovice for supporting our event and logistics with the collected garbage.

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