Let us look back to 2016/2017 and our new and fresh alumni...

26.9. 2017

Let us look back to 2016/2017 and our new and fresh alumni.

Both classes passed the Maturita exams with very nice results. Ten students passed with honour, moreover, five of them passed with all excellent grades from all subjects! The averages were 1,34 (VIII-IS-A) a 2,01 (4-IS-B).

Furthermore, students of 13A passed both Maturita and Diploma Exam of the International Baccalaureate Programme. They study this programme in cooperation with the Ostrava International School. All ten students passed the exams, some of them gained the full diploma, some of them some DP Certificates from particular subject. Their average score is 31,7 (together with 4 students of the Ostrava International School), which is above the world average (30 points; the best score one can achieve is 45 points).

We would also like to highlight the fact, that the Maturita Exam and its´ school part was taken in the official language of instruction for each subject. It is English at our school in all subjects of the 8-year programme and all subjects except Math, Chemistry and Physics in the 4-year programme.

Congratulations and we wish to all alumni all the best and good luck at their universities, where they are starting their new careers in the present weeks.

And where are they?

Abroad, they are going to study, for example, following schools and fields of study: journalism at Cardiff University, Business Studies at Lancaster University, Fashion Business and Management at Manchester University, dance at Institute of Arts in Barcelona, European Studies at University of Malmo or Business Administration at University of Georgia.

In the Czech Republic, they are going to study, for example medicine at Palacky University in Olomouc, pharmacy in Hradec Králové, audiovisual technology at Film Faculty of Art in Prague, technical studies at ČVUT in Prague, VŠB-TU in Ostravě, anthropology at Charles University in Prague or Marketing Communication at Univerzitě T. Bati in Zlín.

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