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Basic information about the project World School
1st International School of Ostrava this year, defends the title "Světová Škola" 
(World School, an education variant of the People in Need). The basic idea of the project World School is promoting education and prepare students for real life in a globalized world. It is based on
a simple three-step methodology: learn, find out and apply(solve)! The key to winning the title are active students encouraged and motivated by teachers. Their group work climaxes with an event which is intended to address a specific issue (of global proportions) around the school and give students the opportunity to really influence their surroundings. In this school year, our students want to help solve urgent problem of air pollution caused by local heating.
World School is a place where:
● global issues are a common part of teaching and school life;
● pupils under the guidance of a team of teachers actively involved in world affairs and monitor current developments in the developing world;
● pupils, teachers and the general public receive information on global issues;
● pupils identify local problems with global outreach and seek to resolve them;
● at least once a year in cooperation with local partner organizations organizes the event;
● common goal is to contribute to solving the problem.
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