Active Citizens

Active Citizens was originally an international program aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and community development implemented by the British Council in more than thirty countries around the world. The educational project is jointly implemented by the British Council and People in Need, o.p.s. - Variants program. The Active Citizens program offers teachers and students to connect the school environment with what is happening in their community. It leads pupils to plan and implement their own project, which helps the development of the local community. Thanks to sophisticated and logically connected activities, pupils develop the values, abilities and skills of active citizens during the year-round journey to the project. The program focuses on the development of soft competencies that lead students to be receptive to themselves and their surroundings or to the ability to engage in dialogue and cooperation with others. By solving a specific project in cooperation with local actors, pupils strengthen their political effectiveness (self-efficacy).

Škola je zapojená do projektu 1Planet4All podpořeného z prostředků Evropské unie. Projekt realizuje organizace Člověk v tísni, vzdělávací program Varianty.

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