DofE educational programme helps young people to better understand themselves, learn new skills and persevere. It brings them the opportunity to participate in a proven programme, if necessary, receive financial support for their activities and become part of the international community.

International Award Duke of Edinburgh

The DofE programme is here to help its participants overcome the challenges that they would like to overcome and fulfill the dreams they have. Participants regularly engage in long-term activities in four areas: talent development, volunteering, sport and adventure expeditions. For the gold level students do an extra residential section, involving working away from home for 5 days. Entering the programme is voluntary, and participants do not compete among themselves.

When taking part in the DofE, you have support from a designated leader, who helps participants to orientate their interests, abilities and ambitions, enabling them to create targets in various programme areas. To achieve these goals they are lead only by their own perseverance and determination. Upon accomplishing the various levels, the participants experiences a great feeling of achievement, in which they have pushed the boundaries of what they know is possible.

Participants in the DofE programme will take away only as much as they put in, because just like in real life there are no shortcuts to true success. Successful participants will also receive the prestigious certificate - International Award Duke of Edinburgh - passed to them by important personalities from the Czech Republic or Great Britain, and which can help them for admission to college or to a dream job.

Mgr. Ivo Helebrant 
DofE Coordinator and DofE Award Leader
Mgr. Táňa Micková
DofE Award Leader
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