Experiential Learning

We emphasize the students' activity in everyday situations and build learning primarily on their own experience and their subsequent use in personal growth.

Let's experience

In our school we fully implement modern pedagogy and thus train educated individuals who acquire the key competencies to find employment and success in today's world.

Project learning

is a teaching method based on linking theory and practice of targeted activities in a particular project in order to develop the students’ key competencies.

Citizenship, entrepreneurship and personal responsibility

Our students are proactive citizens who develop their personal and professional potential and approaches to their duties with responsibility and creativity.

Service learning and community education

Our students are active co-creators of life and society, through formal and informal education and engagement in solving problems around the school.
Community education

Why? A community School is a school open to its surroundings. It is a school which allows the free flow of skills, knowledge and resources between the various players in the community, whether it's self-government, parents or entrepreneurs. Such relations can be very beneficial if they know each…


Why? Studying abroad, meeting with foreign students, visiting partner schools - all these elements are the basis for Erasmus +. We realize that this is a great opportunity to improve language skills, gain confidence, become independent, broaden your horizons, make new friends and learn new cultures…


Why? DofE educational programme helps young people to better understand themselves, learn new skills and persevere. It brings them the opportunity to participate in a proven programme, if necessary, receive financial support for their activities and become part of the international community.…

Global development education

Why? The main goal of global development education is to make people accept their share of responsibility for the situation in the world. Global development education Global development education is a lifelong learning process that helps us understand the differences, similarities and connections…

Junior Achievement

Why? JA Czech is an international non-profit educational organization whose mission is to provide young people with practical economic education, develop their knowledge and skills, inspire them and encourage an active approach to life to be well prepared to successfully enter the job market.…


During the school year the school offers a lot of other opportunities for students and parents to actively participate in events. We motivate students to leave their comfort zone and realize and experience something different, real, new, practical and inspiring. All these activities and projects…

Adaptation Course

Teambuilding Course 2023 6.9-8.9.- GRADE 6-GRADE 9  12.9-14.9.- GRADE 10-GRADE 11 1) Transportation A: to Kunčice meeting time on Wednesday/Tuesday 6.9./12.9. is at 8.00 AM at the train station Ostrava - Hlavní nádraží departure by train at  8.25 AM Os 20108 to Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem arrival to…

Active Citizens

Active Citizens was originally an international program aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and community development implemented by the British Council in more than thirty countries around the world. The educational project is jointly implemented by the British Council and People in Need, o…

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